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Keeping in mind ever-evolving requirements of our respected clients, we are offering a premium quality range of Check Valves, check Valves Manufacturer, Supplier in Kenya , which are basically used to prevent backflow installed in pipeline. In other ways it is a one way valve in which flow is uni-directional and is used to protect backward flow in order to prevent wear and tears of pumps, piping and other valve installed in the line and commonly known in industry. Check valves are flow sensitive and work to open if the upstream pressure is greater that the seat release presser. The inner seat, spring force or discs allow flow to pass ahead, which opens the valve. The seat commences closing the valve as ahead flow reduces or is media is upturned, depending on the design.

The main uses of check valves are to stop back flow of media. Several other applications where they are used in industry are; feed water control systems, dump lines, make-up water, miscellaneous process systems, nitrogen systems, monitoring and sampling systems. We offer check valves in a variety of groups as Swing check valve, Lift check valve, wafer type check valve, Dual plate check valve, Non-slam check valve, Counter-weight check valve. It is a mechanical device with two ports, allowing flow of gas or liquids in one direction only, and opposing the flow in the opposite direction, this is always indicated with a directional arrow.

The goal of this website is to get you acquainted with our extensive range of products. We export our industrial valve to several countries in world such as India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, DRC, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain etc. Kindly contact us for any business enquiries or enquiries regarding our qualitative products.

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